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7-9-13-bentley-library-222-1Through papers, photographs, scrapbooks, yearbooks, letters, and more, the Bentley is continually adding to its vast holdings. New items are added quarterly.

Some recent accessions from the past six months are listed below, with the exception of University of Michigan record groups.

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  • Phi Alpha Kappa (University of Michigan) records, 1929-2008

    0.3 linear feet and 1 oversize folder

    Christian fraternity founded in 1929 at the University of Michigan by alumni of Calvin College. The collection includes architectural plans for the fraternity house, foundational documents, newsletters, and records of alumni events.

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  • Theta Delta Chi. Gamma Deuteron Charge (University of Michigan) records, 1891-2017

    1 linear foot, 3 oversize folders, and 1.9 GB (online)

    Gamma Deuteron Charge (chapter) of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity, instated at the University of Michigan in 1889. Records include original and digital copies of annual composite photographs of the members of the University of Michigan chapter, as well as drawings of an unbuilt fraternity house designed by Alden B. Dow.

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  • George and Marion Blydenburgh papers, 1920-1934 and 1998 (bulk 1920-1931)

    3.5 linear feet (in 5 boxes) and 1 oversize folder

    Missionaries to China, 1920-1931. George T. Blydenburgh was the superintendent of a new hospital in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. Correspondence to family members describing daily life, family matters, and news of the hospital’s progress; photographs, newspaper clippings, and glass lantern slides documenting the Blydenburgh family’s experiences (bulk 1920-1931). Statements and descriptions of incidents related to military campaigns in Nanjing, Shanghai, and Nanchang. Writings and outlines about life in China (1921-1934). Annual reports from the Nanchang General Hospital (1924-1932). Publications from the Nanking [Nanjing] Language School (1921-1922). Scrolls of woodblock prints, calligraphy, and painting (circa 1920-1930).

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  • United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan oral histories, 1992-2013

    948 MB (online)

    The Historical Society for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan is dedicated to promoting the history of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Oral history project created by the Historical Society for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. The collection contains digital files of transcripts and chronologies created from the project.

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  • Charles A. Smith papers, 1926-1958 (bulk 1926-1934)

    0.5 linear feet

    Smith was a Detroit, Mich. Jewish dentist, philanthropist, and Freemason who was involved with and supported the state Republican Party. He served as a Chairman of the Wayne County Delegation to the Republican Progressive League in 1928-1929 and served as a Wayne County Chief Deputy Clerk in the 1930s. Smith advised and corresponded with many Michigan Republican politicians, among them Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg and Michigan governor Fred W. Green, as well as judges, attorneys, physicians, and business people. The collection includes correspondence with Michigan Senator Arthur Vandenberg, Governor Fred W. Green, politicians Howard C. Lawrence and Seth Q. Pulver, Judge Charles Rubiner, among others, on various political topics and current political events. The collection also includes Smith’s personal and business correspondence. Also materials relating to Smith’s philanthropic and advocacy work for the Jewish community.

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  • Dudley Randall papers, 1900-2002 (bulk 1960s-1980s)

    11.5 linear feet

    Detroit, Mich. African American poet and librarian, founder of Broadside Press. Broadside Press supported and published black and African American poets and authors. Poet laureate of Detroit, 1981. Materials include personal and business correspondence, topical files, photographs, drafts and publications, audio recordings, and film reels. Collection includes correspondence and audio recordings of African American poets.

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  • Blanche Van Leuven Browne papers, 1898-1981 (bulk 1907-1930)

    2 linear feet (in 3 boxes)

    Founder of the Van Leuven Browne Hospital School for Crippled Children in Detroit and advocate for improved educational and work opportunities for children with physical disabilities. Materials related to the Van Leuven Browne Hospital School for Crippled Children and Browne’s other initiatives for children with disabilities. Correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, and publications; includes copies of novels and magazines related to disabled children that were authored by Browne.

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  • Mary Black Carlton scrapbooks, 1938-1940

    0.5 linear feet (2 volumes)

    Mary Carlton served as a Commander of the Women’s Auxiliary to the Disabled American Veterans Detroit Chapter in the late 1930s-early 1940s.Two scrapbooks with photographs, reports, newspaper clippings, and ephemera documenting the activities of the chapter in 1938-1940.

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  • Andrew Falk papers, 1938-2012 (bulk 1941-1945)

    1.5 linear feet and 371 GB (online)

    A native of Milan, Mich. who served with the 131st Field Artillery unit during World War II and spent three and a half years as a Japanese Prisoner of War forced to work on the Burma Railroad. Collection details the experiences of Falk and his family during his military service and imprisonment in a Japanese POW internment camp during World War II. Correspondence, clippings, photographs, military records, scrapbooks, digital materials.

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  • Dara Fisher University of Michigan Campus Tour, 2011

    0.1 linear feet and 259.4 MB (online)

    A 2011 University of Michigan graduate with a B.S.E. from the Earth System, Science, and Engineering program. The University of Michigan Campus Tour addresses the history behind the design, construction, and purpose of several buildings on U-M’s central and south campuses. The audio version contains 12 tracks discussing each of the twelve stops on the tour. The transcript serves as a 38-page textual supplement to the audio guide and includes current maps of both central and south campus. Includes a list of references.

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  • Corinne K. Lurton scrapbook, 1914-1929 0.3 linear feet (1 volume)

    0.3 linear feet (1 volume)

    A nurse born in San de Fuca, Washington in 1902. In 1929, Lurton traveled to Hawaii, Japan, and China. She met the University of Michigan baseball team en route to an exhibition game against Meiji University during her trip. Lurton befriended right fielder Harvey Straub during the trip.Scrapbook documenting Lurton’s 1929 trip to Hawaii, Japan, and China in which she traveled with the University of Michigan baseball team in route to an exhibition game against Meiji University. Also, includes photographs of Lurton’s family and friends.

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  • Macomb family papers, 1806-1892 (bulk 1813-1821)

    0.2 linear feet

    A prominent merchant family in Detroit. Before moving to Detroit, the family resided in Albany, New York. Alexander Macomb (1782-1841) was a celebrated Commanding General of the U.S. Army. He served as a field commander at the Battle of Plattsburgh during the War of 1812.The collection contains information pertaining to Major General Alexander Macomb’s personal life and military career. This includes biographical information, Macomb’s Last Will and Testament, poetry, and letters pertaining to military promotions and public events. The collection also contains family letters authored by or addressed to Macomb’s first wife Catherine, his sister Jane Macomb, daughter Jane Octavia (Macomb) Miller, and later generations of the family. The majority of these family letters focus on genealogy and everyday life events.

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  • A New Trotter Initiative (University of Michigan) records, 2013-2016

    294 MB (online)

    A University of Michigan student-led project to plan a new facility for the William Monroe Trotter Multicultural Center located on the University of Michigan Central Campus. Meeting agendas and minutes, photographs, surveys, working papers, project reports and timelines related to the project to establish a new facility for the William Monroe Trotter Multicultural Center.

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  • Diane Hebert papers, 1950-2009 (bulk 1970-2000)

    8 linear feet

    Diane Hebert is an environmentalist and environmental activist living in Midland, Michigan. Since the 1970s, Hebert has been investigating the emissions produced by the Dow Chemical Company and the dangers of human exposure to a group of chemicals called dioxins. The collection includes correspondence, meeting agenda and notes, and research material related to Hebert’s involvement in environmental activism, as well as various publications and reports related to Dow, and the link between health and the environment.

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  • Christopher Armstrong papers, 2008-2015

    1 linear foot and 18.2 GB (online)

    Chris Armstrong was the first openly gay student body president of the Michigan Student Assembly at the University of Michigan. This collection documents his undergraduate experience, speaking engagements, and the lawsuit Christopher Armstrong v. Andrew Shirvell in which Armstrong was represented by attorney Deborah Gordon. Materials include court documents, news articles, television news coverage including interviews with Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, speeches, notes, and correspondence.

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  • Alice Marie Carter papers, 1971-2016

    0.3 linear feet

    Alice Marie Carter is a professional nurse and infant mental health therapist. She was among the founding members of the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health (MAIMH now known as MI-AIMH) and co-chaired the first six MAIMH conferences. The collection includes Carter’s autobiography, correspondence, and MAIMH materials.

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  • Marjorie A. Blackistone and Horace Ferguson Bradfield papers, 1931-1978

    0.2 linear feet and 1.6 GB (online)

    Marjorie A. Blackistone Bradfield was the first African American librarian in Detroit, working for the Detroit Public Library and as head librarian for Detroit Public Schools. Horace Ferguson Bradfield was an African American physician at Providence and Hutzel hospitals, and worked out of offices on East Grand Boulevard in Detroit. Both graduated from the University of Michigan.The collection contains Marjorie Bradfield’s autobiography, audio recordings of interviews with Horace Bradfield, and photographs of the Bradfields.

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  • Westland Shopping Center records, 1965-2005 (bulk 1990-2005)

    1 linear foot, 1 oversize folder, 1 oversize volume, and 1 framed photograph

    Developed by the J.L. Hudson company as one of the first enclosed shopping centers in the United States. Originally built in Nankin Township, Mich. The area renamed itself after the shopping center and become the city of Westland. Includes photographs of events held at the shopping center during the 1980s and 1990s, video histories of Hudson’s, and printed brochures and pamphlets.

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  • Michigan Replay video collection, 1975-2010

    10 T (online)

    CTC Sports was a commercial video production company founded by Bob Lipson and based in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The University of Michigan Athletic Department acquired CTC Sports tape archive after 2000.Videotaped recordings of University of Michigan Football (1975-2010) and Men’s Basketball (1990-2010) coaches’ television show, providing weekly recaps and previews of games during the season. Thirty-minute programs featuring the head coach, include game highlights and commentary and usually one or more guests.

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  • Argus-press records, 1862-2016 (bulk 1960-1990)

    24 linear feet and 602 microfilms (in 12 boxes)

    Daily newspaper published in Owosso, Michigan. Formerly known as Owosso Weekly Press, Evening Argus, Press-American, and Owosso Argus-Press. Materials consist of full newspaper issues spanning 1862-2016, assorted newspaper clippings, photographs, and research material for articles. This collection includes material under different iterations of the title.

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