1879 Football Team

Overall Record: 1-0-1 Conference Record:
Conference Finish: [Not in conference]
Coach: No coach
Captain: David N. DeTarr

OpponentDateSiteResult Attend.
Racine 05/30/79 1 W 1-0 500
Toronto 11/01/79 2 T 0-0 1,500
Total Points1-0

1. White Stockings Park, Chicago, Illinois
2. Detroit, Michigan

Starting Lineups                  
RushersDave DeTarr
John Chase
Irving Pond*
Jack Green
William Hannan
Frank Reed
Richard DePuy
Tom Edwards
Frank G. Allen#
halfbacks Charles Campbell*
Edmund Barmore
goalkeeperCharles Mitchell
substitutesAlbert S. Pettit**
Collins H. Johnston
William Calvert#

* -- Irving Pond and Charles Campbell played only in the Racine game.
** -- A.S. Pettit was a substitute on the spring team, by one newspaper account he served as referee for the Racine game.
# -- FranK G. Allen apparently played only on the Fall squad, An article in Oct. 15 1879 Chronicle stated that a committee had selected an eleven for the Toronto game (including all the above except Pond, Campbell, Pettit and Calvert) and that four more player would be named later. We have not been able to discover the names of the four additional players. Collins Johnston is in the team photo but apparently did not make the trip to Chicago for the Racine game. Calvert may have been on the Fall squad only.

Michigan Chronicle account of the Racine game (pdf)

Racine Advocate account of the Racine game (html)

Chicago Tribune account of the Racine game (html)

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1879 Team Photo
1879 team photo

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Back Row
Jack A. Green, William W. Hannan, David DeTar, Charles A. Mitchell, Frank Reed, Albert S. Pettit
2nd Row
Irving K. Pond, Tom R. Edwards, John Chase, Charlie H. Campbell
Front row
Collins H. Johnston, Richard Guy DePuy, Edmund Barmore