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Fall 2015

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  • Students and the Stacks

    New courses and initiatives mean more U-M undergrads are getting their hands on history’s primary sources.

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  • The Evolution of Michigan Football

    How the game as we know it formed out of class rivalries, rugby, and one troublesome picket fence.

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  • A Historian at Heart

    Meet Frank Wilhelme, a philanthropist with an affinity for the past who rifled through the Bentley’s archives when it was still in the basement of U-M’s Rackham Building.

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  • All the World’s a Stage

    The daughter of former slaves, Eva Jessye would stand in Washington with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and teach at the University of Michigan. Meet a woman who changed the face of the arts—and America.

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  • Out of Print

    New digitization efforts mean more access to Bentley materials, including videos and audio recordings such as John F. Kennedy’s speech on the Michigan Union steps.

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  • The Life of Dr. Death

    Jack Kevorkian’s collection of papers, art, photographs, and more is now at the Bentley, showcasing the controversial life of an artist, a composer, and a person who drastically moved the needle in the right-to-die discussion.

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  • Where Manhood is Drugged and Destroyed

    In 1902, teetotaler Carrie Nation came to Ann Arbor to further the cause of temperance. Her fight paved the way for Prohibition and the expanded role of women in the political landscape.

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