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Fall 2017

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  • Saving the Internet

    Join us for a Q&A with Dallas Pillen, the Bentley Archivist for Metadata and Digital Projects, who explains the importance of archiving websites, and how it’s done.

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  • The Dissenter

    When the Supreme Court ruled in 1944 that Japanese imprisonment during WWII was legal, Justice Frank Murphy’s dissent was a ringing voice amid a hostile cacophony.

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  • The Man in the Middle of the American Century

    Michigan Senator Arthur Vandenberg moves from footnote to spotlight in a new, first-of-its-kind biography by Hank Meijer.

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  • The Union that Should be

    Bentley Director Terrence McDonald discusses how archives help us remember the past, especially when not everyone agrees on what should be commemorated.

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  • Frauds in the Field

    The papers of U-M Professor Francis Kelsey reveal his efforts to unmask a hoax involving “ancient” artifacts and a state-wide scam.

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  • Please Forgive Me. – Jerry

    Provocative, offensive, and often hilarious, the Detroit-based magazines Orbit, Fun, and White Noise recently found a home at the Bentley. As it turns out, there’s a lot more going on in those pages than raunchy jokes.

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  • Segregated Service

    A rare set of photographs captures the working life of two African American Civilian Conservation Corps camps during the Great Depression. But who are these men and what was life in the camps like?

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