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Spring 2017

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  • Five Moments that Shaped Michigan

    A meeting in fire-razed Detroit. Two physicists on an Ann Arbor lawn. A lone woman in a Greek class in 1866. In honor of U-M’s Bicentennial, we look at some of the moments and movements that altered the course of Michigan history forever.

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  • Renewing Our Vows

    As U-M celebrates 200 years, Bentley Director Terrence McDonald reflects on the “vows” that the University has made since its inception.

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  • In Living Color

    What do maize and blue look like? The answer has historically depended on whom you ask — and when.

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  • A Tremendous Load of Humanity

    How a 1905 stadium collapse changed the way U-M fans would watch the game for good.

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  • Accessing History

    For John Kemp, digitizing The Michigan Daily means creating an important resource for preserving Michigan history.

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  • Hidden Collections

    Two archivists at the Bentley write about a new initiative to uncover women’s stories at the University of Michigan.

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  • An Unwritten Law

    In 1930, U-M tried to ignore African American women when it opened Mosher-Jordan, a new dormitory for female students. Meet the women who refused to accept being invisible.

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