Spring 2019

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  • A Critical Moment in Detroit’s History

    Daniel Cherrin was at the epicenter of change in Detroit after Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick resigned. His papers at the Bentley give researchers an inside look at a city and its leaders.

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  • Angell in the 21st Century

    The newly digitized papers of U-M President James Angell show his influence in higher education and beyond.

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  • Grand History in the Making

    Sandwiched between Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas is a legendary hotel with more than 130 years of memorable moments.

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  • Being Black at U-M

    The Austin McCoy collection reveals the origins of the Being Black at Michigan (#BBUM) movement and tells a story of activism and social justice that is still ongoing.

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  • In Defense of Nature

    Collections at the Bentley reveal how Michigan went from overwhelming natural abundance to an environmental wasteland — and how some unlikely people helped bring it back.

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  • Changing the Question

    Why are “those people” so sensitive about their history and identity? It’s a question that is based on a historical myth, namely the belief that group integration into mainstream American society has been, and still is, easy.

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