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Spring 2020

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  • Out With the Mold, in With the New

    Bentley conservators have unique quarantining methods for mold. Learn how they fight its spread and keep collections safe.

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  • Food at U-M: Then and Now

    A U-M class uses Bentley archival materials to give students a first-hand look — and taste — of what meals were like on campus 100 years ago.

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  • Diary of a Prisoner

    A rare Civil War journal documents a Union soldier’s capture by Confederates and his struggle to survive notorious prisoner of war camps.

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  • “Our Handsomest Girls are Men”

    A class at the University of Michigan uses Bentley materials to teach students about U-M’s history of female impersonators.

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  • All Aboard!

    Michigan’s railroad history comes to life as we choo-choo-choose images from an extraordinary collection.

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  • Eat Your Words

    Writer James Tobin goes deep into the newly arrived Zingerman’s collection to understand how co-founder Ari Weinzweig’s on-paper voice helped a fledgling eatery define itself and stand out.

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  • Milliken in the Middle

    Michigan’s longest-serving governor was a Republican renowned for reaching across the aisle to Democratic colleagues, and for making Michigan’s environmental health a priority. His collection at the Bentley reveals a breed of politician that’s nearly extinct.

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