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Spring 2022

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  • The Elegant Philosophy of Ones and Zeros

    A 1936 master’s thesis written by Claude Shannon changed the computing world overnight. Collections from the Bentley archive show how the genius idea grew from a revamped engineering campus and one elective class.

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  • The Past Speaks in Two Voices

    One voice says, “Things were different here”; the other voice says, “The origins of the present will be found here.” Both are actually true.

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  • Writing Belle

    The now-famous librarian to J.P. Morgan wrote often to the director of U-M’s library. Their correspondence reveals mutual respect, admiration—and benefit.

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  • Sing to the Colors

    For nearly 20 years, James Tobin has been writing about the University’s history. We sat down with him to talk about research, collections, and even finding love at the library. 

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  • The Pride of Michigan

    A historian and an artist team up to create a comic book celebrating Michigan’s first-ever Pride celebration.

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  • Exclusion Did Not Deter Her

    Jean Fairfax’s story emerges as part of the Bentley’s new long-term project on this history of African Americans at the University of Michigan.

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  • Reaching for the Stars

    In the late 1800s and early 1900s, women fought to study the stars just like their male colleagues. The Detroit Observatory was training ground for four unparalleled women astronomers.

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