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Digitization of the Michigan Daily is Underway

In early October 1918, Michigan Daily headlines announced that the “Student Body [was] Free From Influenza,” and that “Michigan Football Prospects [were] Good.”

The student newspaper, which could be obtained for three cents in 1918, is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. To help mark the occasion, the Bentley Historical Library is digitizing more than 12 decades of Michigan Daily issues to make available online. The Library will create high-quality scans and thereby reduce the handling of the original, fragile materials. The resulting database will be a searchable gold mine of University of Michigan and State of Michigan history.

The digitization efforts are happening in batches, with a completion goal of early 2017.

This ambitious project is supported by generous gifts from alumni and friends who understand the impact the newspaper has had on campus life, politics, social movements, and more. To support the digitization efforts, please give here.