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Spooky Slideshow

To get you into the Halloween spirit, we are delighted to share a handful (er, claw-full?) of odd and creepy images from various Bentley collections. Grab some candy corn and enjoy!

If your costume isn’t drawing enough attention, make like these 1973 marchers in the Ozone House parade and integrate musical instruments into your design. It’s hard to ignore a gorilla with a trumpet. (Photo: Michigan Daily Alumni Photographers, LUB012)
What part of this Phrenology brain diagram best describes you? Zombies want to know! If terms like VITATIVENESS and AMATIVENESS confuse you, you're not alone. (Photo: from the book "Yourself in the Light of Vitosophy")
Is this photo from the Michigan Bell photograph collection an artistic depiction of an early voice mail system? Or does it capture a vengeful spirit waiting patiently for its victim to get off the phone? (Photo Michigan Bell photograph collection, hs16661)
Sure, the condition of this photo from the John Harvey Kellogg papers adds to the creepiness, but it’s doubtful it would be any less scary if this exact image was taken today. (Photo: John Harvey Kellogg papers, bl000430)
It seems like costumes were optional for this Chi Epsilon party at the Waterman Gymnasium circa 1950. (Photo: William Wise collection)
You don’t have to skimp on style for your Halloween party. Get inspired with these couple’s costumes from the 1949 “Masquerade of the Heads” and find a caterpillar for your butterfly. (Photo: William Wise collection)
There are two types of Halloween costumes from this 1950 sorority party: simple and easy (a broom-riding witch), and obtuse and inscrutable (“hiccups” with a salt shaker). (Photo: William Wise collection)