Art of Football
Football Program Cover Art, 1900

The Bentley's earliest programs / scorecards for games played in Ann Arbor date from 1900. They were published by the Student Athletic Association, which managed intercollegiate athletics at that time. The SAA programs, four-page inserts with nothing but the lineups, schedule and advertising with a construction paper quality cover, were rather crude when compared to the Chicago game programs. 1900 Kalamazoo
With the arrival of Fielding Yost in 1901 football and its accompanying printed works would take on a whole new image. The 1900 season also marked the first year in which a football calendar was produced. (Or at least the first year for which one survives in the Bentley collections.) The 1900 calendar included a team photo and individual photos of the varsity players and coaches as well as photos of campus buildings. 1900 Calendar