Art of Football
Football Program Cover Art, 1980-2000

1980 South Carolina
South Carolina, 1980
Photo by Bob Kalmbach
Anthony Carter
1985 Maryland
Maryland, 1985
Photo by Per Kjeldsen
Dieter Heren
1987 Ohio State
Ohio State, 1987
Photo by Per Kjeldsen
1987 Rose Bowl Game
Whether as a single image or in a collage, the close-up action shot by a sideline photographer was the dominant format for program covers in the 1980s and 1990s. Bob Kalmbach's dramatic shot of Anthony Carter on the 1980 South Carolina program is one of the classic images of Michigan football. Photos by Per Kjeldsen were far and away the most frequently used, but Joe Arcure, Barry Rankin, and Brian Masck also saw their work in print.

Perhaps the most dramatic shot, however, was captured by a fan in the end zone stands at the 1979 Indiana game. The 1982 Indiana cover featured Rick Engel's photograph of Anthony Carter's last second, game winning catch; a play deemed by many to be the most exciting moment in Michigan Stadium history. (Listen to Bob Ufer's call of the play if you have any doubts.)

The program covers for 1992 used a collage of historical photographs, many from the Bentley Historical Library, to mark the university's 175th anniversary.

Bob Bauer and the firm of Bauer Dunham & Barr have been designing the program covers since the mid-1980s. In the 1990s the role of the designer became more significant as computer graphics permitted the creation of elaborate photo collages incorporating the work of a number of photographers.

1991 Northwestern
Northwestern, 1991
Photo by Per Kjeldsen
Eric Anderson

1984 Minnesota
Minnesota, 1984
Photo by Joe Arcure
Tim Anderson
1983 Indiana
Indiana, 1983
Photo by Barry Rankin
Steve Smith and Tom Dixon
1984 Washington
1984 Washington
Photo by Brian Masck
Touchdown Celebration
1982 Indiana
Indiana, 1982
Photo by Rick Engel
Anthony Carter td
1992 Iowa
Iowa, 1992
1996 Michign State
1996 Michigan State
1999 Notre Dame
Notre Dame, 1999