Art of Football
Football Program Cover Art, 1970-1979

1972 Minnesota
Minnesota, 1972
1973 Illinois
Illinois, 1973
1975 Indiana
Indiana, 1975
The art work of Doug Hesseltine, an employee of the University Publications Office, was featured on several covers in the early seventies. Working from action photos and portraits, Hesseltine produced paintings and drawings for more than a dozen programs between 1972 and 1976. The 1972 Minnesota and 1975 Indiana covers are good examples of his style. Bob Burgard of the U-M Graphic Design Production Workshop captured aspects of a football Saturday for the 1976 MSU program.

Long-time University News and Information Services photographer Bob Kalmbach created artfully composed photos of iconic items from Michigan's football history for programs in 1973 and 1978. The 1973 cover includes the retired jerseys of Tom Harmon and Bennie Oosterbaan, a 1927 game ball, a letter sweater, and sheet music for "The Victors."

Dramatic action shots by Barry Rankin (1976 Wisconsin, Rob Lytle) and Bob Kalmbach (1977 Texas A & M, Rick Leach) were among the first full cover photos to be used. The 1979 programs marked the centennial of Michigan football by combining historical photos with contemporary action.

1976 Michigan State
Michigan State, 1976

1970 Wisconsin
Wisconsin, 1976
1977 Texas A & M
Texas A & M, 1977
1978 Minnesota
Minnesota, 1978
1979 Notre Dame
Notre Dame, 1979