Art of Football
Football Program Cover Art, 1940-"1949

Northwestern, 1940
1940 Ohio State
Ohio State, 1941
1942 Iowa Pre-Flight
Iowa Naval Pre-Flight, 1942
The "194"0 covers continued the LIFE look, while 1941 marked the first time the same image was used for all games.  Fullback Bob Westfall, captain of the 1941 squad, is shown pounding through the line while Bob Ingalls (66) and  Tom Harmon (98) look on.

The teams, as well as the programs for the Camp Grant, Iowa Naval Aviation Pre-Flight, and Great Lakes Naval Academy games are reminders of the impact of World War II, while other programs from that year might suggest "college life" continued uninterrupted.

1942 Iowa
Iowa, 1942
1943 Notre Dame
Notre Dame, 1943
Capt. Paul White
1944 Indiana
Indiana, 1944
Capt. Bob Wiese
1945 Great Lakes Naval
Great Lakes Naval, 1945
Capt. Joe Ponsetto (26)
Jack Weisenberger (48)

Programs for the "194"4-"194"7 seasons featured a photo of the team captain superimposed on a game action or stadium shot. The same cover image was used for an entire season. The "194"8 season featured original artwork on each program. Well known illustrator Lon Keller, who also did the 1936 Michigan programs, designed four covers and Larry Tisdale one. Keller's cover for the Northwestern program, incorporating a photograph with a still-life referring to Michigan's Rose Bowl victory, marks a significant departure from his previous cover art. The "194"9 Army game cover on the captain and action photo theme, featuring headshots of both captains and the Army color guard.

1946 Illinois
Illinois, 1946
Capt. Art Renner
1947 Minnesota
Minnesota, 1947
Capt. Bruce Hilkene
1948 Northwesern
Northwestern, 1948
1949 Army
Army, 1949
Capt. Alvin Wistert