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Football Program Cover Art, Band Day

1972 Tulane
Tulane, 1972
1973 Navy
Navy, 1973
1974 Navy
Navy, 1974
Band Day was a cherished Michigan tradition from its inception at the 1949 Indiana game. As many as 100 high school bands in mass formation would perform under the direction of UM band directors William Revelli and George Cavender. As the cost of providing seats to 10,000 high school band members became too great, alternatives were tried. In 1979, Slippery Rock and Shippensburg played for Band Day when the Wolverines were out of town. Wayne State faced Slippery Rock at the Big House in the last Band Day in 1981. 1979 Slippery Rock
Band Day, 1979
Slippery Rock vs. Shippensburg
1970 Minnesota
Minnesota, 1970
William Revelli
1975 Purdue
Purdue, 1975
George Cavender
1981 Wayne 
Band Day, 1981
Wayne State vs Slippery Rock