Art of Football
Football Program Cover Art, 1950-1959

1950 Dartmouth
Dartmouth, 1950
Capt. Al Wahl
1951 Ohio State
Ohio State, 1951
Capt. Bill Putich
1952 Minnesota
Minnesota, 1952
Capt. Merritt Green

The decade of the 1950s continued the practice of using the same cover art for an entire season. For most years, the design was a variation of the team captain overlaid on an action photo or graphic.  Argus Camera Inc., the Ann Arbor-based camera manufacturer, supplied the photos for 1950-1952 covers.  Photographers for the other 1950s covers are not credited.  The 1956 covers included photos of the Athletic Department facilities and a rendering of the new stadium press box. Individual programs for 1957-1959 varied only in the use of the opposition's team color (frequently a rather washed-out version of it) as background for the block M.

1953 Tulane
Tulane, 1953
Capt. Dick O'Shaughessy
1954 Michigan State
Michigan State, 1954
Capt. Ted Cachey
1955 Army
Army, 1955
Capt. G. Edgar Meads
1956 UCLA
UCLA, 1956
Capt. Tom Maentz
1957 Northwestern
Northwestern, 1957
Capt. Jim Orwig
1958 Southern Cal
Southern California, 1958
Capt. John Herrnstein
1959 Wisconsin
Wisconsin, 1959
Capt. George Genyk