Art of Football
Football Program Cover Art, 1960-1969

1960 Illinois
Illinois, 1960
1961 UCLA
UCLA, 1961
1962 Minnesota
Minnesota, 1962

The sixties brought a measure of variety back to Michigan program covers, although there were several recurring themes and formats. The 1960 Illinois game highlighted a season-long series of articles on "Michigan All-Americans: Then and Now."

Programs from 1961 to1967 included a series of articles titled "This I Remember" written by former players, coaches, and even a few fans. The program covers featured historical photos to accompany the articles, usually with an inset of the author from his playing days. The 1967 covers featured historic photos of campus as part of the U of M Sesquicentennial celebration.

Several of the 1968 covers featured photos by Stuart Abby and Tom Copi. The Wisconsin cover's suggestion that Ron Johnson was closing in on Tom Harmon's career rushing record proved correct. Johnson broke Harmon's career mark and set the Michigan single game record with a 347 yard effort. The 1969 season initiated another long-running series. Each year, one program cover would feature the team captains, frequently posed with coach Bo Schembechler. The 1969 Washington program pictured rookie coach Schembechler with captain Jim Mandich.

1966 Illinois
Illinois, 1966

1964 Navy
Navy, 1964
1967 Michigan State
Michigan State, 1967
1968 Wisconsin
Wisconsin, 1968
1969 Washington
Washington, 1969