1917 Football Team

Overall Record: 8-2 Conference Record: 0-1
Conference Finish: 8th place tie
Coach: Fielding Yost
Captain: Cedric C. Smith
All-Americans: Ernest Allmendinger, Cedric Smith, Frank Culver
Trainer: Harry Tuthill
Assistant coaches: Prentiss Douglass, Robert Watson
Manager: Charles F. Boos

OpponentDateSiteResult Attend.
Case 10/06 H W 41-0 4,035
Western State 10/10 H W 17-13 2,906
Mount Union 10/13 H W 69-0 3,657
Detroit 10/17 H W 14-3 4,419
Michigan Agr. 10/20 A W 27-0 9,038
Nebraska 10/27 H W 20-0 5, 022
Kalamazoo 11/03 H W 62-0 4,345
Cornell (HC) 11/10 H W 42-0 16,733
Pennsylvania 11/17 A L 0-16 12,851
Northwestern 11/24 A L 12-21 5,232
Total Points304-5368,238

Starting Lineups                  
left end Angus Goetz (9)
Elmer Cress
left tackle John Goodsell (5)
Frank Culver (3)
Elton Wieman
Alan Boyd
left guard Alan Boyd (5)
Frank Culver (4)
Julius(?) St. Clair
center Oscar Lambert (6)
John Goodsell (2)
Charles Beath (2)
right guard William Fortune (5)
John Goodsell (3)
Frank Culver
Chester C. Morrison
right tackle Dick Weske (10)
right end Oscar Cartwright (6)
Alan Boyd (3)
Joseph Hanish
quarterback Archie Weston (6)
Cliff Sparks (2)
Gerald Froemke
Lowell Genebach
fullback Elton Wieman (8)
Abe Cohn (2)
left halfback Abe Cohn (5)
Gerald Froemke (3)
Cliff Sparks
Harold Rye
right halfback Joseph Hanish (7)
Lowell Genebach
Abe Cohn
Harold Rye

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1917 Team Photo
1917 team photo
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[Note: photo includes only varsity letter winners]

Back Row
Oscar Cartwright, Frank Culver, Angus Goetz
Third Row
William Cruse, Chester Morrison, Oscar Lambert, Dick Weske, Abe Cohn, William Fortune
Second Row
Director Philip Bartelme, John Goodwell, Cliff Sparks, Alan Boyd, Elton Wieman, Joseph Hanish, Harold Rye
Front Row
Lowell Genebach, Gerald Froemke, Archie Weston
Note:   Captain Cedric Smith spent the entire season at the Great Lakes Naval Camp.

View full squad photo, (posed on field)

View full squad photo (posed on Club House steps, from half-tone picture in Alumnus Magazine)