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News Stories

  • The Elegant Philosophy of Ones and Zeros

    The University of Michigan College of Engineering in the 1930s was the perfect environment to nurture Claude Shannon’s curious mind. Aspects of Shannon’s U-M experience can be found in the archives, before he became the “father of information theory.”

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  • Decolonizing U-M Philippine Collections

    The Bentley Historical Library is part of a new cross-campus project to disclose the harmful ways Philippine collections came to U-M, and to begin reparation work on these important materials. The project includes researchers, students, librarians, archivists, and more.

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  • Seeing Anew

    The Detroit Observatory was built in 1854 and quickly became the centerpiece of scientific advancement at U-M. Now, 168 years later and after a three-year expansion project, it is ready for the public to again explore the stars. Are you ready for a visit?

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  • The African American Student Project

    A new searchable database lists the names and years of attendance of every African American student who attended the University for any length of time from 1853-1956. It includes archival materials and other data for an in-depth look at African American experiences at U-M.

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  • A Special Note from Director Terry McDonald

    After almost a decade of leadership, Director McDonald will be returning to a faculty role in August 2022. “My nine years at the Bentley have gone quickly because I have enjoyed so much meeting all of you and working with the enormously talented Bentley staff.”

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  • Bentley Access Updates

    The Bentley Historical Library is open by appointment to the public. We ask that you familiarize yourself with our research procedures to keep everyone safe. Click “Complete Story” below to get all the information you need to conduct your research.

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  • Bentley Launches Willis Ward Exhibit

    Willis Ward was infamously benched for being Black during the 1934 University of Michigan vs. Georgia Tech football game. This exhibit goes beyond the game into his rich life and legacy.

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