A Chronology of University of Michigan Buildings, 1840-2022

The following list of buildings on the University of Michigan campus, 1840-2014, was compiled by the Office of the University Architect. It lists the date of construction, building name and building architect, if known.

1840-1879 | 1880-1889 | 1900-1909 | 1910-1919 | 1920-1929 | 1930-1939 | 1940-1949 | 1950-1959 | 1960-1969 | 1970-1979 | 1980-1989 | 1990-1999 | 2000-2009 | 2010-2019 | 2020-


Date Building Architect
1840 President's Residence
1840 3 Professor's Res. NW Residence, NE Residence
1841 Mason Hall H. Lum
1849 S. Wing, University Hall
1850 Old Medical Building
1854 Observatory
1856 Chemistry Building (Ec. & Phar.) A. J. Jordan
1861 Chemistry Bldg. Addn. (Ec. & Phar.)
1863 Law Building Jordan & Anderson
1864 Old Medical Building Addn.
1866 Chem. Bldg. Addn. (Ec. & Phar.)
1868 Chem. Bldg. Addn. (Ec. & Phar.)
1868 Observatory Residence
1869 University Hosp. (N. Univ. Ave.)
1872 Main Bldg. (University Hall) J. S. Jenison
1874 Chem. Bldg. Addn. (Ec. & Phar.)
1876 Univ. Hosp. Addn. (N. Univ. Ave.) E. E. Meyers
1879 Campus Heating Plant G. W. Lloyd
1879 Heating Plant Coal Sheds
1879 Homeopathic Hosp. (N. Univ. Ave.)
1879 Univ. Hosp. Addn. (N.Univ. Ave.)
1880 Chem. Bldg. Addn. (Ec. & Phar.)


Date Building Architect
1880 Univ. Museums (Romance Lang.) W. L. B. Jenney
1883 Old General Library Ware & VanBrunt
1885 Engineering Annex G. W. Lloyd
1889 Anatomical Lab G. W. Lloyd
1889 Physics Bldg. - West Pond & Pond
1890 Chem. Bldg. Addn. (Ec. & Phar.) E. W. Arnold
1891 Civil Engin. (Addn. to Prof's Res.)
1891 Convalescent Ward - East Chamberlin & Austin
1891 First Laundry
1891 Homeopathic Hosp. (Med. Ward) Chamberlin & Austin
1891 Hosp. Heating Plant
1893 Law Building
1893 Tappan Hall Spier & Rohns
1894 Univ. Heating Plant - ROTC G. W. Lloyd
1894 Waterman Gym E. W. Arnold
1894 ~ Heating Plant Coal Sheds (torn down)
1896 Hospital Office Bldg. John Scott
1897 Wood Utilization Lab
1898 Old General Library Addn.
1898 Law Building Addn.
1898 Summer House (Maternity)
1899 Nurses' Home (Homeo. Hosp. Admin.)


Date Building Architect
1900 S. Dept. (Homeo. Hosp.) Stanton & Kirby
1901 Chem. Bldg. Addn. (Ec. & Phar.)
1902 Barbour Gymnasium John Scott
1902 West Hall Purchased
1902 ~ Anatomical Lab (torn down)
1903 Palmer Ward John Scott
1904 Engineering Building - West Mason & Kahn
1904 West Medical Bldg. Spier & Rohns
1905 West Physics Bldg. Addns. Pond & Pond
1906 Observatory Res. Addns.
1906 Observatory Shops
1906 Psychopathic Hosp. Mason & Kahn
1907 1102 E. Ann St. (African-American Dorm)
1907 ~ Univ. Hosp. & Prof's House on N. Univ. (torn down)
1908 Dental Building Donaldson & Meier
1908 Nichols Arboretum J.C. Moninger
1908 Observatory Residence
1908 Observatory Shops Addns.
1908 Ward Helpers Res. #2
1908 Ward Helpers Res. #4
1909 Chemistry Building Smith, Hinchman & Grylls
1909 Maternity Ward (Eye and Ear) Jas. Marks


Date Building Architect
1910 Alumni Memorial Hall Donaldson & Meier
1910 W. Engineering Bldg. Addns. Kahn & Wilby
1911 Bakery Annex B. & G.
1911 ~ Medical Ward Burned Down
1912 Athletic Admin. Bldg. Smith, Hinchman, & Grylls
1912 Psychopathic Hosp. Addns. Kahn & Wilby
1913 Hill Auditorium Kahn & Wilby
1913 114 S. Forest Ave.
1913 118 S. Forest Ave.
1914 ~ First Contagious Ward (torn down) (First Laundry)
1914 Contagious Ward B. & G.
1914 Interns' Home
1914 Pigeon Loft B. & G.
1914 Power House Smith, Hinchman & Grylls
1914 Sub-Station Smith, Hinchman & Grylls
1914 Storehouse - B. & G. Shops B. & G.
1915 Martha Cook Res. York & Sawyer
1915 Helen Newberry Res. Kahn & Wilby
1915 Homeo. Hosp. & Prof's House (N. Univ. Ave.) (torn down)
1915 Natural Science Bldg. Albert Kahn
1915 239 Twelfth St. Purchased by U of M
1915 1005 N. University Ave. Purchased by U of M
1916 Hospital Fire Station B. & G.
1916 Botanical Gardens B. & G.
1916 Waterman Gym Addns. B. & G.
1917 Laundry B. & G.
1918 Conv. Hosp. Office Addns. B. & G.
1918 Dermatology Ward B. & G.
1918 ~ Old Library (torn down)
1918 Housekeeper (Hosp.)
1918 S. Dept. (Shed in Rear)
1919 1128 Catherine St. Purchased by U of M
1919 ~ Geodesy & Surveying (torn down) (part of Hosp. 1907)
1919 Health Service B. & G.
1919 Michigan Union Pond & Pond


Date Building Architect
1920 Betsy Barbour Dorm. Albert Kahn
1920 General Library. Albert Kahn
1920 1121 E. Huron St.
1920 President's Res. Addns.
1921 Cheever House Gift to U of M
1921 Chemical Storage
1921 Newberry Hall (Built 1891) Leased from S.C.A.
1921 Pemberton Welch Res. B. & G.
1921 1020 E. Univ. Ave. Purchased by U of M
1921 ~ Civil Engineering Bldg. (torn down)
1922 Botanical Gardens Addns. B & G
1922 Cheever House Annex Moved to this site
1922 East Hall (Built 1883) Purchased by U of M
1922 Morris Hall Purchased by U of M
1922 Storehouse Office Bldg. B & G
1922 Storehouse & Shops Addns. B & G
1922 ~ West Hall (torn down)
1923 Clements Library Albert Kahn
1923 Convalescent Hosp. Office
1923 Dental Bldg. Addns. B & G
1923 Diet Kitchen & Connecting Corridors
1923 E. Engineering Bldg. Smith, Hinchman & Grylls
1923 ~ Campus Heating Plant (torn down) (Fire Station)
1923 University High School Perkins, Fellows, Hamilton
1924 Angell Hall Albert Kahn
1924 East Physics Bldg. Albert Kahn
1924 Law Club York & Sawyer
1924 Waterman Gym. Addns. B & G
1924 Yost Field House Smith, Hinchman & Grylls
1925 Hospital Animal House B & G
1925 Contagious Ward Animal House
1925 Couzens Hall Albert Kahn
1925 East Medical Bldg. Albert Kahn
1925 Power House Addns. B & G
1925 University Hospital Albert Kahn
1926 Alumnae Residence
1926 Athletic Admin. Bldg. (Remodeled)
1926 Laundry Additions B & G
1926 Superintendent's Cottage
1926 University Skating Rink Purchased by U of M
1927 1209 E. Ann St.
1927 100 S. Forest Ave. - Moved to this site
1927 104 S. Forest Ave. - Moved to this site
1927 108 S. Forest Ave. - Moved to this site
1927 122 S. Forest Ave. - Moved to this site
1927 ~ Homeopathic Hospital - Burned (Medical Ward)
1927 ~ Homeopathic Admin. Bldg. (torn down)
1927 1130 E. Huron St. - Moved to this site
1927 Simpson Memorial Institute Albert Kahn
1927 Univ. Hosp. Root Cellar Addn. B & G
1927 Michigan Stadium Osborn Eng. Co.
1928 Architectural Bldg. E. Lorch & Assoc.
1928 200 S. Forest Ave.
1928 202 S. Forest Ave.
1928 204 S. Forest Ave.
1928 Intramural Building Smith, Hinchman & Grylls
1928 Storehouse Garage B & G
1928 University Museums Albert Kahn
1928 1218 E. Washington
1928 Women's' Athletic Bldg. Fry & Kasurin
1929 Botanical Gardens Addn. B & G
1929 Michigan League Pond & Pond
1929 Museums Animal House B & G
1929 School of Music Purchased by U of M
1929 X-Ray Film Storage B & G


Date Building Architect
1930 Botanical Gardens Addn. Dayton Greenhouse Co.
1930 Chemistry Court Addn. B & G
1930 John P. Cook Dorm York & Sawyer
1930 Elementary School Malcolmson & Higginbotham
1930 Gen. Library Fan Rm. Addn. B & G
1930 Michigan Union Addn. Pond & Pond
1930 Mosher Jordan Hall Malcolmson & Higginbotham
1930 Nat. Science Court Addns B & G
1930 Speech Laboratory Leased from Mich. Union
1930 Sub-Station Addn. B & G
1931 Legal Research Library York & Sawyer
1931 Univ. Hosp. Addn Albert Kahn
1931 University Publications Bldg. B & G
1931 Vertebrate Genetics Lab B & G
1932 Student Publications Bldg. Pond & Pond
1932 ~ Dermatology Ward (torn down)
1933 Fletcher Hall Purchased by U of M
1933 Hutchins Hall York & Sawyer
1933 President's Res. Addn Albert Kahn
1934 E. Engineering Court B & G
1934 Central Garage B & G
1934 Hosp. Sub-Station (Elect.) B & G
1934 Newberry Res. Sun Rm. Addn. B & G
1935 Hosp. Machine Room B & G
1935 Hosp. Storage Albert Kahn
1936 Burton Memorial Tower Albert Kahn
1936 Hosp. Penthouse (Elev.) Albert Kahn
1936 1007 E. Huron St. Purchased by U of M
1936 University Storage Bldg. B & G
1936 X-Ray Addns (Hosp. Storage) B & G
1937 Allen & Rumsey Dorms Lane, Davenport & Meyer
1937 ~ Automotive Lab. Partially Destroyed by fire
1937 Health Service Addn. B & G
1937 Lane Hall (Built 1917) Purchased by U of M
1937 Michigan Union Addn. Lane, Davenport & Meyer
1938 Rackham Graduate School Smith, Hinchman & Grylls
1938 1027 E. Huron Purchased by U of M
1938 Laundry Addition B & G
1938 Neuropsychiatric Institute Albert Kahn
1938 ~ 239 Twelfth Street (torn down)
1938 ~ 1005 N. University Ave. (torn down)
1939 Interns' Residence Shreve, Anderson, & Walker
1939 Univ. Hosp. 9th Floor Addn. Shreve, Anderson, & Walker
1939 Victor C. Vaughan House Odell & Rowland
1939 West Quadrangle Stewart Kingscott Co.


Date Building Architect
1940 Health Service L. J. Sarvis
1940 Kellogg Institute L.J. Sarvis
1940 East Quadrangle Morrison & Gabler
1940 Stockwell Hall C. Wm. Palmer
1940 ~ Ward Helpers Res. #2 (torn down)
1940 ~ Ward Helpers Res. #4 (torn down)
1941 Rackham Educ. Memorial (Detroit) Harley & Ellington
1942 Public Health Bldg. L. J. Sarvis
1943 Auto. Lab. Addn. B & G
1943 ROTC Addn. B & G
1943 ROTC Headquarters Purchased by U of M
1944 Pigeon Loft - Partially (torn down)
1944 Storehouse Garage Addns. B & G
1945 Henderson House (built 1892) purchased by UM
1946 University Terrace Apartments - demolished 1996 Charles Noble
1947 Fuller Street Warehouse & Fuller Street Storage - demolished 1959
1947 Temporary Classroom Building - demolished 1967 Federal Works Agency
1947 Veterans Readjustment Center - demolished ?1970s Kasurin & Kasurin
1947 Cheever House, 730 Haven St. - demolished? 1970s purchased by UM
1948 1014 Fuller (built 1914) purchased by UM
1948 Quonset Huts (3) - removed 1965 UM Plant Department
1948 Jefferson Apartments - demolished 1964 purchased by UM
1948 Food Service Building (now Neuroscience) L.C. Kingscott
1948 Administration Building (now LS&A) Harley Ellington Day
1948 Business Administration (Davidson Hall) Black & Black
1949 Alice C. Lloyd Hall Clair W. Ditchy


Date Building Architect
1950 Maternity Hospital (Women's Hospital) Lewis Sarvis
1950 Metallurgical Research Building demolished 1969
1950 University Golf Club House Douglas Loree
1950 Ray Fisher Baseball Stadium Osborn Engineering
1950 Gordon Hall, Dexter (built 1843) - acquired by UM thru gift Calvin Fillmore
1950 Inglis House (built 1927) acquired by UM as gift, Lilburn L. Woodworth
1951 Madelon Pound House (built 1898) purchased by UM R. T. Mewberry
1951 Wines Field Buildings purchased all demolished in 1950s
1951 Elbel Field (formerly Wines Field) Locker Building
1951 820 E. Washington - purchased by UM demolished 1959
1951 South Quadrangle Andrew Morison
1952 Mason Hall Smith Hinchman & Grylls
1952 Haven Hall Smith Hinchman & Grylls
1952 Angell Hall Auditoriums Smith Hinchman & Grylls
1953 North Campus Grounds Storage Building
1953 Geddes House - demolished 1953 purchased by UM
1953 Outpatient Clinic (now Med Inn) Giffels & Vallet with Skidmore Owings Merrill
1953 Mortimer E. Cooley Memorial Building Cornelius Gabler
1954 Kresge Medical Research I (Kresge Medical Library) - demolished 2010 Giffels & Vallet with Skidmore Owings Merrill
1954 Margaret Bell Pool Black & Black with Alden B. Dow
1954 Alice Crocker Lloyd Radiation Therapy Center Black & Black
1954 Central Service & Stack Building (now Center for Display Technology & Manufacturing) Albert Kahn Associates
1955 Children's Psychiatric Hospital - demolished 1992 Swanson Associates
1955 Michigan Phoenix Memorial Lab & Greenhouse Cornelius Gabler
1955 Ford Nuclear Reactor Smith Hinchman & Grylls
1955 Architecture & Design Experimental Building (Unistrut) - demolished ?1970s School of Architecture
1955 Kresge Medical Research III - demolished 2010 Giffels & Vallet with Skidmore Owings Merrill
1955 University Press (now News & Information Services Building) D.D. Loree
1955 East Hospital Switching Station Cummins & Barnard
1955 Lay Automotive Lab Giffels & Vallet
1955 Automotive Engineering Lab Fuel Mixing Building Colvin Robinson Wright
1955 Aeronautical Engineering Lab - Wind Tunnel Lab Colvin Robinson Wright
1955 Aeronautical Engineering Lab - Propulsion Lab Colvin Robinson Wright
1955 Aeronautical Engineering Lab - Pumping Station Colvin Robinson Wright
1955 Aeronautical Engineering Power Plant Colvin Robinson Wright
1955 Northwood Apartments, Group I L. Y. Hellmuth
1955 Athletic Administration Building (Weidenbach Hall) Giffels & Vallet
1956 Matt Mann Pool (now Keen Arena and Matt Mann Pool name transferred to Canham Natatorium) Giffels & Vallet
1956 Physical Properties Building (built 1920) purchased by UM
1956 Hoover Ave. Buildings A, B & C & Heating Plant (built 1929) purchased by UM
1956 Architect's Annex (built 1929) purchased by UM
1956 Learning & Reading Skills Center, 1610 Washtenaw (built 1911) purchased by UM, sold 1997
1956 Mental Health Research Annex, 1137 E. Ann (built 1932) purchased by UM - demolished 1996
1957 Printing Service & Warehouse Building (now Advanced Technology Lab) D.D. Loree
1957 Student Activities Building Swanson Associates
1957 Undergraduate Library (Shapiro) Albert Kahn Associates
1957 Church Street Parking Structure O'Dell, Hewlett & Luckenbach
1957 North Campus Switch Station Colvin Robinson
1957 Northwood Apartments, Group II Yamasaki & Leinweber
1957 Matthaei Botanical Gardens land & two barns acquired by UM through gift
1957 Henry S. Frieze Building (built 1905) - purchased by UM Malcomson & Higginbotham
1958 Fairlane, Henry Ford Estate in Dearborn (built 1916) - acquired by UM thru gift William H. Van Tine
1958 Fluids Engineering Lab I (G. G. Brown Lab) Giffels & Vallet
1958 Hospital Food Service- large addition to Old Main Hospital; demolished 1989 Black & Black
1958 Hospital Chapel - addition to Old Main Hospital; demolished 1989 James H. Livingston
1958 Mary B. Markley Hall Harley Ellington Day
1958 Medical Science Unit I (Medical School) Giffels & Vallet with Holabird & Root
1958 Northwood Apartments, Group III Yamasaki & Leinweber
1959 Catherine Street Parking Structure O'Dell, Hewlett & Luckenbach
1959 Civil Defense & Disaster Training Center (now Fire Service Instruction & Research Center) Lane & Livingston
1959 Fire Service Instruction & Research Training Tower Lane & Livingston
1959 Fire Service Instruction & Research Garage & Storage Lane & Livingston
1959 Fire Service Instruction Training House Lane & Livingston


Date Building Architect
1960 Pharmacy Research Building (College of Pharmacy) Bennett & Straight
1960 Mental Health Research Institute Swanson & Associates
1960 1019 Ferdon (built 1930) purchased by UM
1960-78 Series of structures at Matthaei Botanical Gardens Alden B. Dow (most)
1961 Aeronautical Engineering Lab - Plasma Research Colvin Robinson Wright
1962 Cyclotron Building (now Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Building) Giffels & Rossetti
1962 Peter Dye (golf course)
1962 300 Oakway G & H (2 buildings) purchased by UM
1962 280 Oakway purchased by UM
1962 Thayer Street Parking Structure O'Dell, Hewlett & Luckenbach
1962 Matthaei House, Radrick Farms (built 1940) - acquired by UM thru gift Lilburn L. Woodworth
1963 Argus I, II & III (built 1880s) - purchased by UM Argus I & III later sold
1963 Thompson Street Parking Structure O'Dell, Hewlett & Luckenbach
1963 Kresge Hearing Research Institute Holabird & Root
1963 Research Activities Building; demolished c. 1989 (a portion was absorbed into FXB) Eberle M. Smith Associates
1963 Institute of Science & Technology Smith Hinchman & Grylls
1963 Earl V. Moore School of Music Eero Saarinen
1963 Research Administration (now called Industrial & Operations Engineering) Swanson Associates
1963 Physics & Astronomy Building (Dennison) Albert Kahn Associates
1963 Data Processing Center (now Administrative Services Building) Charles W. Lane
1963 Animal Research Facility Kenneth C. Black
1964 East Hospital Mechanical Building
1964 Kresge Medical Research II (Kresge medical complex buidings, demolition tentatively set for Fall 2009.) Holabird & Root
1963 Oxford Houses Stickel, Moody & Associates
1964 Lawrence D. Buhl Research Center for Human Genetics Holabird & Root
1964 631 Oxford (built 1918) purchased by UM
1964 1000 Cedar Bend Dr. purchased by UM
1965 1010 Cedar Bend Dr. purchased by UM
1965 1736 Broadway purchased by UM
1965 240 Oakway purchased by UM
1965 Perry Building (built 1902, renovated 2002, 2006) - purchased by UM William A. Otis
1965 Space Research Building (NASA) Architects Collective
1965 North Campus Plant Service Building Jickling & Lyman
1965 North Campus Commons (Pierpont) Swanson Associates
1965 Institute for Social Research Alden B. Dow
1965 Central Campus Switching Station SE
1966 1322 Wilmot (built 1919) purchased by UM
1966 Observatory Lodge (built 1930) purchased by UM
1966 Cedar Bend Houses I; later renamed Vera Baits I Housing Swanson Associates
1967 Cedar Bend Houses II; later renamed Vera Baits II Housing Swanson Associates
1967 1021 E. Huron (built 1893) purchased by UM
1967 Parkview Medical Center purchased; originally built ?-
1967 Chrysler Center for Continuing Engineering Education Swanson Associates
1967 North Campus Storage Building UM Engineering Services
1968 Administration Building (Fleming) Alden B. Dow
1968 East Medical Center Parking Structure (Simpson Circle) K.C. Black Associates
1968 Washington Street Parking Structure (renamed Fletcher) Smith Hinchman & Grylls
1968 Events Building (Crisler Arena) K.C. Black & C.L. Dworsky
1968 Ferry Field Pump House
1968 Bursley Hall Swanson Associates
1969 Medical Science Unit II (Medical School) Holabird & Root
1969 C. S. Mott Children's Hospital Albert Kahn Associates
1969 Highway Safety Research Institute (UMTRI) Harley Ellington with Cowin & Stirton
1969 U. Hospital Ambulatory Care Service Trailer purchased for site
1969 Food Stores Cunningham & Limp
1969 Towsley Center for Continuing Medical Education Alden B. Dow
1969 Laundry Building Cunningham & Limp
1969 Northwood IV Apartments Hellmuth & Obata
1969 721 S. State (built 1880s) purchased by UM
1969 1015 E. Huron (built 1906) - acquired by UM thru property exchange Spier & Rohns
1969 Transportation Services Building (built 1964) purchased by UM


Date Building Architect
1970 109 E. Madison (built 1883) purchased by UM
1970 South Stacks addition to Hatcher Graduate Library Albert Kahn Associates
1970 Upjohn Center for Clinical Pharmacology Holabird & Root
1970 Hill Street Parking Structure O'Dell, Hewlett & Luckenbach
1970 Nu Sigma Nu Fraternity Robert C. Metcalf
1971 Computing Center Tarapata, MacMahon & Paulson
1971 Thomas Francis Jr. Public Health II Albert Kahn Associates
1971 Sports Service Building - demolished c. 1989 Colvin, Wright & Robinson
1971 Dental School Smith Hinchman & Grylls
1971 Power Center for the Performing Arts Roche & Dinkeloo
1972 Aerospace Engineering (now Engineering Programs Building) Cunningham & Limp
1972 Northwood V Apartments Hellmuth & Obata with NcNamee, Porter & Seeley
1972 Business Administration Assembly Hall O'Dell, Hewlett & Luckenbach
1972 Holden Perinatal Research Lab K.C. Black
1972 Undergraduate Classroom & Office Building (Modern Languages Building) Albert Kahn Associates
1972 Trotter House, 1443 Washtenaw (built 1924) (purchased by UM) J. J. Albert Rousseau
1972 Frederick Stearns Building (built 1955) purchased by UM
1972 Kalmbach Management Center, 1735 Washtenaw (built 1960) purchased by UM, later sold
1973 Institute of Science & Technology - South Addition
1973 Bentley Historical Library Jickling & Lyman
1973 William D. Revelli Band Rehearsal Hall Cunningham & Limp
1973 Athletic Campus Switch Station
1974 Track and Tennis (now Indoor Track Building) Colvin Robsinson
1974 Art & Architecture Building Swanson Associates
1974 Plant Service Building UM Engineering Services
1974 Riverview Psychiatric Services (built 1958) purchased by UM
1974 University Hospital Education Center (built 1965) purchased by UM
1975 2460 Glazier Way purchased by UM
1975 Chemical Stores Cunnigham & Limp
1975 Environmental & Water Research Engineering Building Swanson Associates
1975 Mail Service Building purchased by UM
1976 Finance & Personnel Building (now Medical Professional Building) Winebrenner & Ebejer
1976 Scott & Amy Prudden Turner Memorial Clinic (Turner Geriatric) Warren Holmes Co. with K.C. Black
1976 North Campus Recreation Building Colvin, Robinson
1976 William A. Paton Center for Accounting Education & Research O'Dell, Hewlett & Luckenbach
1977 Central Campus Recreation Building Alden Dow
1977 Dance Building Alden Dow
1977 St. Joe Mercy Hospital Building (300 N. Ingalls) purchased by UM
1977 400 N. Ingalls (built 1940) purchased by UM
1977 300/400 North Ingalls Boilerhouse (built 1955) purchased by UM
1977 Buhr Building (built 1952) purchased by UM
1978 North Campus Housing Service Building UM Engineering Services


Date Building Architect
1980 A. Alfred Taubman Medical Library Jickling Lyman Powell
1980 Gerald R. Ford Library Jickling Lyman Powell
1981 Bennie Oosterbaan Field House UM Engineering Services
1981 Mitchell Field Building
1981 Towsley Child Care Center, 710-716 S. Forest acquired by UM thru gift
1981 330 Oakway (built 1941) purchased by UM
1982 Herbert H. Dow Building Dow Associates
1983 Alumni Center Hugh Newell Jacobsen
1983 Salt Storage Building UM Engineering Services
1983 Medical Campus Switch Station SE
1983 Auxiliary Services Buildings 1, 2, 3 & 4 purchased by UM
1984 Ferry Field Storage Shed
1984 1304 Gardner purchased by UM
1984 501 Glen purchased by UM
1984 Medical Center Drive Parking Structure Albert Kahn Associates
1985 Telecommuncations Building I
1985 Kellogg Eye Center William Kessler & Associates
1985 Kresge Business Administration Library Luckenbach/Ziegelman
1985 Computer & Executive Education Building Luckenbach/Ziegelman
1985 Business Administration Executive Dorm Luckenbach/Ziegelman
1985 431 Glen (built 1964) purchased by UM
1986 1014 Cornwell (built 1894) purchased by UM
1986 1011 Cornwell (built 1951) purchased by UM
1986 Modular Office Building (now Computing Center Annex) UM Engineering Services
1986 University Hospital Albert Kahn Associates
1986 A. Alfred Taubman Health Care Center TMP Associates
1986 Medical Science Research Building I Jickling Lyman Powell
1986 Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences Smith Hinchman & Grylls
1987 Glen Avenue Parking Structure Luckenbach/Ziegelman
1987 Institute of Continuing Legal Education Hobbs + Black
1987 Plant Storage Buildings 1, 2 & 3
1988 Cancer Center trailer purchased for site
1988 Ambulatory Care Administration trailer purchased for site
1988 Forest Switching Station Cummins & Barnard
1988 Donald B. Canham Natatorium Hobbs + Black
1988 511 Glen purchased by UM
1989 Willard Dow Lab - large addition to Chemistry Building Harley Ellington Pierce Yee
1989 Medical Science Research Building II Jickling Lyman Powell


Date Building Architect
1990 Maternal & Child Health Care Center TMP Associates
1990 North Campus Ground Services Facility
1990 Glenn E. Schembechler Hall Gunnar Birkerts & Assoc.
1991 Child Care Center Corporate Design Group
1991 North Campus Fuel Facility
1991 North Campus Microwave Tower
1991 North Campus Family Housing Community Center Sims-Varner
1991 Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Aerospace Engineering Smith Hinchman & Grylls
1991 1035 Wall Street (built 1967) purchased by UM
1992 Mike & Mary Wallace House, 620 Oxford (built 1909) acquired by UM thru gift
1992 Associated Springs building (built 1978) purchased by UM (now Campus Safety Services Building)
1992 Wolverine Tower (built 1973), purchased by UM Rossetti Associates
1994 Eisenhower Corporate Park West purchased by UM
1995 Burnham House, 947 Wall St. (built 1837) purchased by UM, moved to Arb 1998
1995 Briarwood Medical Group - 5 buildings purchased by UM Bowers & Rein
1995 Randall Lab - major addition Luckenbach/Ziegelman
1995 Shapiro Library Major Remodeling and Addition Albert Kahn Associates
1995 Medical Science Research Building III Jickling Lyman Powell
1996 733 S. State (built 1919) purchased by UM & demolished
1996 Tisch Hall (Angell-Haven Connector) Albert Kahn Associates
1996 Integrated Technology Instruction Center (Media Union) Albert Kahn Associates
1996 Robert H. Lurie Engineering Center Hobbs + Black with Moore/Andersson
1996 Huetwell Visitors Center - major addition to & remodeling of Student Activities Building Fry & Partners
1996 North Entrance Parking Structure, Medical Center TMP Associates
1997 Cancer & Geriatrics Center TMP Associates
1997 Women's Softball Facility UM Facilities Plan & Design
1996 Robert H. & Ann Lurie Tower Hobbs + Black with Moore/Andersson
1996 Tisch Tennis Center Osler
1996 Primary Care Facility, East Campus Albert Kahn Associates
1996 939 Wall St. purchased by UM & building demolished
1996 South Ferry Field Sports Service building UM Facilities Planning & Design
1996 Briarwood Family Practice - purchased by UM Bowers & Rein
1996 Briarwood Radiology - purchased by UM 1996 Bowers & Rein
1997 School of Social Work Sims-Varner
1999 Sam Wyly Hall Luckenbach/Ziegelman
1999 Industrial Technology Institute purchased by UM (already owned land)


Date Building Architect
2000 Burton Memorial Tower Renovation Quinn Evans Architects
2001 Yost Ice Arena Seating Addition Rossetti Architects Inc.
2002 Buhl and Medical Science Unit II - Renovations Phase II Jickling Lyman & Powell Assoc. Inc.
2002 Carl Gerstacker Building Jickling, Lyman and Powell Associates, Inc.
2002 Perry Building Renovation Project Einhorn Yaffee Prescott Architecture and Engineering, PC
2003 Mason Hall and Haven Hall Addition and Renovation Einhorn Yaffee Prescott Architecture and Engineering, PC
2003 Samuel T. Dana Building--School of Natural Resources and Environment renovation Quinn Evans Architects
2003 Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies Building SmithGroup Inc
2003 West Hall Renovation Albert Kahn Associates
2004 Hill Auditorium Renovation Albert Kahn Associates, Inc., Project Architects & Engineers; Quinn Evans/Architects, Historic Preservation Architects
2005 Biomedical Science Research Building Polshek Partnership Architects
2005 Junge Family Champions Center Rossetti Associates
2005 edical Science Unit I Cyclotron Relocation/Addition Lord, Aeck & Sargent, Inc.
2005 Stephen M. Ross Academic Center Jickling Lyman Powell Inc.
2005 Undergraduate Science Building Smith Group and Venturi, Scott, Brown & Associates, Inc.
2005 Palmer Commons Building Smith Group and Venturi, Scott, Brown & Associates, Inc.
2005 Life Sciences Institute Smith Group and Venturi, Scott, Brown & Associates, Inc.
2006 Joan and Sanford Weill Hall, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy Robert A.M. Stern Architects
2006 Biomedical Engineering Project - Ann and Robert H Lurie Biomedical Engineering Building Laboratory Addition and Renovation Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership
2006 Literature, Science and the Arts Building Renovation Project Smith Group
2006 https://www.umaec.umich.edu/projects/completed-projects/ann-street-parking-structure/ Walker Parking Consultants
2006 Perry Building Addition Einhorn Yaffee Prescott Architecture and Engineering, PC
2006 Computer Science and Engineering Building Diamond and Schmitt Architects
2006 Rachel Upjohn Building: Ambulatory Psychiatry and Depression Center Albert Kahn Associates
2006 East Ann Arbor Ambulatory Surgery and Medical Procedures Center Albert Kahn Associates
2006 202 South Thayer Building Diamond and Schmitt Architects
2006 School of Public Health Buildings Addition and Renovation Centerbrook Architects & Planners; Gilsanz Murray Steficek; Midwestern Consulting; SEI Companies
2007 Observatory Lodge Renovation Einhorn Yaffee Prescott
2007 University of Michigan Health System's Cardiovascular Center Shepley Bulfinch Richardson & Abbott
2007 Solid-State Electronics Lab Addition and Renovation SmithGroup Inc.
2008 Kelsey Museum Renovation & Addition Hammond Beeby Rupert Ainge
2008 Mosher Jordan Renovation and New Dining Center Goody Clancy & Associates
2008 Alumni Field Renovations and Addition/ Miller|Hull Partnership, LLP
2008 Ray Fisher Baseball Stadium Renovation HOK Sport + Venue + Event, Inc
2008 Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Drama Center and Stamps Auditorium Kuwabara Payne McKenna and Blumberg Architects
2008 Stephen M. Ross School of Business Facilities Enhancement Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates
2008 University of Michigan Museum of Art renovation Allied Works Architecture Inc.
2008 Medical Science Units I and II Renovations Lord Aeck & Sargent Incorporated
2008 Student Activities Building Renovation Gensler Architecture, Design & Planning Worldwide
2009 North Campus Research Complex purchased from Pfizer
2009 Michigan Wrestling Center Jickling Lyman Powell Associates Inc.
2009 Stockwell Hall Renovation Goody Clancy & Associates, Integrated Design Solutions
2009 Towsley Center for Children Replacement Facility Integrated Design Solutions, LLC
2009 Al Glick Field House Jickling Lyman Powell Associates, Inc.


Date Building Architect
2010 Michigan Stadium Renovation and Expansion Project HNTB Architecture
2010 Intercollegiate Soccer Stadium Jickling Lyman Powell Associates Inc.
2010 North Quad Einhorn Yaffee Prescott; Robert A.M. Stern Architects
2010 Brehm Tower Project (formerly Eye Center) TSA of Massachusetts LLP
2011 C.S. Mott Children's and Women's Hospitals HKS Architects, P.C.
2010 Kresge Complex Demolition Smithgroup Incorporated
2010 Thompson Street Parking Structure Addition Carl Walker Inc.
2011 C. S. Mott Children's and Women's Hospitals Replacement Project Shell Space Completion Project HKS Architects, P.C.
2011 Couzens Hall Renovation Integrated Design Solutions; Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas
2011 Crisler Arena Renovation MP Architecture and Sink Combs Dethlefs
2011 Crisler Arena, Michigan Stadium, and Yost Ice Arena Scoreboard Replacement Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams, Inc.
2011 Engineering Programs Building Addition Integrated Design Solutions, LLC
2011 Engineering Programs Building Addition Integrated Design Solutions, LLC
2011 Law School Academic Building and Hutchins Hall Law School Commons Addition Hartman-Cox in association with Integrated Design Solutions,
2011 North Campus Chiller Plant Expansion S3 Architecture
2011 Player Development Center for Intercollegiate Basketball Jickling Lyman Powell Associates
2011 University Hospital Central Sterile Supply Expansion Hobbs & Black Associates Incorporated
2011 Wolverine Tower Renovations for Business and Finance AEC - Architecture & Engineering
2012 Alice Crocker Lloyd Hall Renovation Integrated Design Solutions, LLC
2012 North Campus Research Complex Building 16 Renovation for Health Services Research Smithgroup Inc.
2012 Yost Ice Arena Seating Replacement and Fan Amenities Improvemen Rossetti Architecture Inc.
2013 Angell Hall Courtyard Computing Site and Classroom Renovation AEC Architecture & Engineering
2013 Crisler Arena Expansion TMP Architecture, in association with Sink Combs Dethlefs
2013 East Quadrangle Renovation Integrated Design Solutions
2013 Hutchins Hall and William W. Cook Legal Research Library Law School Renovation Phase II SmithGroup JJr
2013 The Lawyers' Club Building and John P. Cook Building Renovation Hartman-Cox Architects in association with SmithGroup JJr
2013 Michigan Memorial Phoenix Laboratory Renovation Lord Aech & Sargent Incorporated
2013 Parkview Medical Center and Scott and Amy Prudden Turner Memorial Clinic Building Demolition Project Smith Group
2013 UMHCC Taubman A. Alfred Health Care Center Internal Medicine Renovation Niagra Murano LLC
2013 Vera B. Baits Houses II Renewal AEC - Architecture & Engineering, Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc.
2014 George Granger Brown Memorial Laboratories Mechanical Engineering Addition Integrated Design Solutions, LLC
2014 Central Power Plant Feed Water System Deaerator Upgrade Burns & McDonnell
2014 Institute for Social Research Addition Lord Aeck & Sargent Incorporated
2014 New Field Hockey Team Center New Field Hockey Stadium and Ocker Field Improvements Integrated Architecture
2014 Pierpont Commons Cafe Renovation SHW Group LLC
2014 Glenn E. Schembechler Hall Entrance and Museum Renovation Integrated Architecture
2014 Donald R. Shepherd Softball Center Integrated Architecture
2014 South Quad Renovation SmithGroup JJR
2014 Wall Street East Parking Structure Walker Parking Consultants and the Stecker Labau Arneill McManus Collaborative
2014 West Hall Renovation for the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Quinn Evans Architects
2015M-City (Mobility Transformation Facility)Mannik & Smith Group
2015School of Nursing New BuildingRDG Planning and Design
2015West Quadrangle and Michigan Union-Cambridge House Renovation Integrated Design Solutions
2015Athletic Department Operations Center Smithgroup JJR Inc
2015Elmer D. Mitchell Field ImprovementsSmithgroup JJR Inc
2015Munger Graduate ResidencesSmithgroup JJR Inc
2015School of Education RenovationSHW Group LLC
2015Earl V. Moore Building Renovation and Brehm PavilionIntegrated Design Solutions and Stantec Architecture Inc
2015Varsity Drive Building Dry Collections Relocation Renovations SmithGroupJJR
2015Yost Ice Arena Ice System ImprovementsStevens Engineers Inc
2015UMHHC A. Alfred Taubman Health Sciences Library Renovation TMP Architecture Incorporated and Ballinger
2015William L. Clements Library Infrastructure Improvements and AdditionSmithGroupJJR
2016Eda U. Gerstacker GroveStoss Landscape Urbanism and Testing Engineers and Consultants Inc
2016George Granger Brown Memorial Laboratories RenovationIntegrated Design Solutions, LLC
2016Intramural Sports Building Renovation Integrated Design Solutions and RDG Planning & Design
2016Stephen M. Ross School of Business Kresge Renovation and Jeff T. Blau HallKohn Pedersen Fox Associates PC
2017MMED Samuel and Jean Frankel Cardiovascular Center Hybrid Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and Operating RoomNiagara Murano LLC
2017Nuclear Engineering Laboratory Renovation Smithgroup JJR Inc
2017Richard L. Postma Family ClubhousePartners & Sirny
2017Art and Architecture Building A. Alfred Taubman Wing ProjectIntegrated Design Solutions and Preston Scott Cohen Inc.
2017Weiser Hall RenovationDiamond and Schmitt Architects Inc.
2017MMED West Ann Arbor Health CenterDiamond and Schmitt Architects Inc.
2017Stephen M. Ross Athletic Campus Athletics South Competition and Performance ProjectTMP Architecture Incorporated
2018Bennie Oosterbaan Field House Football Performance Center and Infrastructure Improvements Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates in association with HNTB
2018Biological Science BuildingTMP Architecture Incorporated
2018North Campus Recreation Building RenovationIntegrated Design Solutions
2019Stephen M. Ross School of Business Exterior Completion Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates PC
2019William Monroe Trotter Multicultural CenterLS Brinker Company
2019Central Campus Storm Water Infiltration System CDM Smith Michigan Inc.
2019Glenn E. Schembechler Hall Football Performance CenterKohn Pedersen Fox
2019Michigan UnionKohn Pedersen Fox
2019Literature Science and the Arts Building First Floor Renovation and AdditionSmithGroupJJR


Date Building Architect
2020North Campus Research Complex Buildings 20 and 25 Laboratory RenovationSmithGroupJJR
2020Natural Science BuildingBallinger
2020School of Kinesiology Building Renovation and AdditionBallinger
2020Alumni Center RenovationIntegrated Design Solutions
2020Wall Street West Parking StructureWalker Consultants
2020William R. Murchie Science Building ExpansionHarley Ellis Devereaux
2021Ford Motor Company Robotics BuildingDevon Industrial Group LLC
2021Dance BuildingTMP Architecture Inc.
2021Detroit Observatory Classroom and Accessibility AdditionHarley Ellis Devereaux
2021Central Campus Classroom Building and the Alexander G. Ruthven Building RenovationHarley Ellis Devereaux and Stecker Labau Arneill McManus Collaborative
2022Central Power Plant Expansion Black & Veatch
2022Dental Building W.K. Kellogg Institute Expansion and RenovationSmithgroup JJR Inc
2022A. Alfred Taubman Biomedical Science Research Building Vivarium ExpansionLord Aeck Sargent
2022Dean Road Transportation FacilityAECOM Great Lakes Inc.